The Forest of Stars will be back soon!

I'm currently working on revamping this website for more modern systems and actually including some content on it that isn't centuries old. This means that the old site is not currently accessible - but in the meantime, feel free to visit other places where you can find me on the internets:

* Tumblr: my art blog and my Reblogs and Non-Art Content blog.
* The Art of StellarWind Elsydeon on Facebook.
* The Art of StellarWind Elsydeon on Twitter (Rarely updated as I quite dislike Twitter).
* My art on DeviantArt.
* Some of my designs are available to purchase via Teepublic or Redbubble.

I'm afraid that at the moment I don't have much of an ETA for when the new site will be up - but I can assure you it is on its way.